About fouling

Marine/bio fouling on a vessel is a biological accretion which settles underwater on the hull, cooling water intakes, raw water pipe work, strainers etc.. The fouling results in declining cooling capacity and extra resistance while sailing leading to increased wear, fuel consumption and operational costs. In addition, and from an ecological and environmental point of view, it is necessary to control fouling in a responsible manner without burdening the environment for it. We have solved this complex problem by using innovative techniques. Ultrasound prevents fouling without affecting the environment and what lives in the water such as fish and the like. In this way, knowledge and technological innovation is the way to transform the maritime sector into a non polluting industry

So why choose our Ultrasonic Antifouling System Hasytec

First, it is a non-polluting, sustainable and environmentally friendly way to control marine / biological contamination / fouling on the hull, cooling systems, pipes and propeller. This through unique and application specific programming and proprietary algorithms. In a way in which we have no equal.

The Hasytec Dynamic Biofilm Protection® System is the only System in the world that has been designed for that application. Not a system where one-size-fits-all, but a system where, depending on the application, a specific solution is offered that is specifically researched and custom made for the problem.

And of course and needless to say that our system is provided with all relevant maritime certifications such as DNV and VDE EMC.

Production is in our factory near Kiel in Germany where our System is manufactured according to the highest standards. The latest developments are applied in our production through continuous research in our own laboratory.
This way we stay at the forefront with quality and reliability as you are used to from the German manufacturing industry.

Warranty up to 5 years

We can protect the following parts for you

Ship’s hull
Sea water intake and sea chest
Crossover pipe line
Box- and plate cooler

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